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No Redeeming Value

So Much Fanfic, So Little Quality

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The main intent behind this little journal is to act as a storage house for the combined fanfiction of Bezo (theonlybezo) and Rhianwen (rhianwen_24601). Here, you will find all of the fanfiction that Rhianwen has ever written that she is not heartily ashamed of, the pieces co-written by Bezo and Rhianwen, and the pieces that Bezo wrote on his own, if Rhianwen can sustain a sufficient level of nagging and pleading long enough to effectively annoy him into doing it.

Although, it will be mostly Rhianwen's fanfic, as she has far more of it, having a much harder time shutting up than Bezo - in writing, at least. Just the opposite of real life. ^_^

This little store house of silliness is largely for the purposes of having all our fanfiction archived at somewhere that isn't Fanfiction.Net, lest they get angry with our constant overuse of the letter 'E' and decide to ban us, and thus send far too many hours of fanfic-writin' directly into nowhereness.

I have little intention of telling anyone about this community, so if you've stumbled upon it somehow, let me just take this moment to apologize: dear God, I am so, so sorry.

Well, that's it! Bye! ^_^